He is back

I’ve been a bit quiet online over the last month or so because I’ve been trying and failing to process the events of this year and the resurfacing of the disgusting creature who attacked me online last year. Yes, you read that right. The piece of scum who insulted me contacted me on Mother’s Day. He sent a voice message on WhatsApp that went for nearly two minutes and repeated everything that he said in his comments last year. I was unable to listen to the full message because just hearing his voice made me sick. It brought back all the hate I felt towards myself and reopened all those wounds that I have been trying so hard to close. The one thing that is different this time is now I know who he is. I have a name; I have his number and I know which country he lives in. I went through the same procedure as last year, contacting the police and sending them the audio that he had sent me. It took a few days of playing phone tag with the officer in charge of my case only for him to inform me that he would send the case over to the police where this piece of shit lives but it is extremely unlikely we will receive an update ever again. I can keep recording and sending in new updates, but the case won’t go any further. Now, I go through days of not liking who I am. I want closure and just speaking to someone isn’t enough. I want to see this pathetic excuse for a human being suffer for how he has treated me and many others. I am not going to name names even though a massive part of me really wants to, but I will say this. The waste of space who has fucked me over twice in the last year lives in Sweden.
I am going to do whatever it takes to close this case and see that this scumbag gets what he deserves. Karma does bite back, and I hope that she snaps this fuckhead in two.

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