Book Review: Little Eden

Today I bring you another book review! This one was sent in to me by an author I met in a Facebook reading group.

The Book.

Little Eden by KT King. You can visit this page for all things Little Eden and KT King.

About The Book

  1. Little Eden, London, England.

The beautiful sanctuary town of Little Eden is under threat.

Human greed, selfishness and disregard are about to turn the last 1,000 years to dust.

Robert Bartlett-Hart must make a choice.

With the help his friends (plus plenty of tea and cake), Robert learns that there is more at stake than just Little Eden.

Something lies at the heart of Abbey; something that stands between mankind and Armegeddon.

The friends must navigate past lives, other dimensions, and even Heaven itself, to find a way to save Little Eden and themselves.

Will Little Eden survive to usher in a new age, or will humanity perish with it

About The Author.

KT king

KT King was born in East Yorkshire, England in 1973 and attended university in Lancaster and Cambridge and worked in France before travelling through Australia. She now lives on the banks of the River Humber and is writing the Little Eden series of novels.
As you’ll be able to tell from reading Little Eden, I love afternoon tea, investigating all things spiritual and work as a complimentary therapist (when my health allows). I try to help others as much as I can. Making a contribution to someone else’s happiness or healing is the only thing that keeps me going!
I hope to help raise awareness for ME/CFS through my writing. I have suffered with this little known but chronic illness for 25 years. My heroine, Sophie Lawrence, represents all of us with this illness. I hope that she inspires others as well as helping raise awareness for the millions of us worldwide who are currently ignored by the medical profession and society. There are so many people now suffering with this debilitating illness that it has been suggested that it is becoming a humanitarian crisis. IF you would like to learn more about ME/CFS just click Here
I also love crafting, up-cycling and a bit of shabby chic! I sell some of my handmade jewellery in my Little Eden Etsy shop where all the gifts inspired by Little Eden. I meditate daily and I eat way too much chocolate! I can’t read a lot these days but I chill out by watching TV adaptations of cosy crime novels!
To find all my links to download a copy of Little Eden, browse my Etsy shop or see reviews, blog interviews and to join me on social media Visit My Linktree.

My Thoughts.

I loved reading Little Eden so much that I couldn’t put it down and was a little sad to finish it. It felt like KT was weaving a beautiful tapestry of magic rather than writing a novel. The mix of genres, moments of suspense and collective of Kindhearted Little Eden characters make this a pleasant read no matter what genre you like to read. I enjoyed the mix of all types of spirituality and loved the way ME/CFS was presented.

My Rating.

This book deserves all of the stars. Five just isn’t enough. I highly recommend this book to people who enjoy ready any genre as you can not really put Little Eden in one genre category.

Thank You!

A huge thanks to KT King for allowing me to review her book.

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