My 2020 goals. Who needs resolutions?

At the beginning of each year millions of people start the year off with a drink in one hand and a list of new years resolutions in mind. I’m not a fan of resolutions however I do have plans and goals for the year.

Here are my 20 goals for 2020.

1. Read 200 books. Last year I zoomed past my goal of 100 books in the goodreads reading challenge so this year I have aimed high and set it for 200. Whether I achieve that goal is a mystery but I do read quite a lot so anything is possible. I’ll review as many books as I can here and am open to reading suggestions.
2. Get a Tattoo. Most of my family have tattoos and I have always liked the idea of one. My reason for not getting one yet is I am a giant chicken when it comes to pain. I am planning to face my lack of pain tolerance and get a tattoo finally. I know that I would like a wolf yet the finer details have not been planned out yet. Suggestions welcome.
3. Build my business. At the end of last year I started my own little business in space organisation. It’s called Tidy With Tailz and has already taken quite a few bookings.
4. Learn a new skill. Perhaps I’ll learn a martial art or maybe even something in the creative arts. I’ve a goal to learn something new this year.
5. Do something for a good cause. I love helping people in need whenever I can. In the past I’ve donated toys and gifts to children in hospital, climbed The Great Wall of China for an Australian organisation and shaved my hair for The World’s Greatest Shave. This year I’d like to do something different. I am considering how I can help those affected by the fires that are blazing across the country at present.
6. Travel again. I’ve traveled a few times, heading to Sydney once when I was young, China in 2013 and various other places. I’d like to travel again soon, perhaps somewhere around Australia.
7. Try new things. I’m pretty comfy in my comfort zone and this year I hope to break out of that by experiencing new things and trying new foods and clothing styles. Facing some of my fears like heights could also be included in this list.
8. Learn a language. With many apps out there for learning new languages, I think this is something I would like to achieve in the coming year.
9. Start a podcast. I’ve been considering this for quite a while and have the tools to make it happen.
10. Get fit. I know I know, this one is a typical goal for most people. I would like to be fitter and healthier so that my varying health conditions are easier to manage.
11. Write more. After the experiences I had last year, my writing lay discarded on my laptop, untouched and unopened. This year I hope to dust off those files and continue working on my writing projects.
12. Start a writers group. This one fits in with the last one but I think they will help each other. I find that when I’m surrounded by like-minded people who are working on the same activity I’m more likely to get things done.
13. Be more involved in my community. I could possibly have linked this one back to my fund-raising goal but I have a different reason for putting this one in the list. I would like to be more involved in my community. Whether that means going to more community events or meeting new people within my community, I aim to be more active within my local community this year.
14. Find a job. Though I have my business, I aim to find part-time or even full time work to boost my skills and improve existing ones.
15. Look after number 1 more often. Quite often I help others more than I help myself. Though I would like to continue helping others, it’s time I found the perfect balance of helping others and looking after myself. This year may be the year to do that.
16. Support local business. More often than not I go to big department stores to purchase clothes and other items I need. This year, where I can I’d like to support local business as supporting local business is yet another way to be active in the community

Here we are at the end of the list.

And there they are, My goals for the year. I’ve posted them here as a reminder to myself and a method of introducing myself to you, my readers. If you would like to help me achieve my goals, I would be grateful for any help you can give me. I hope you all have a happy, successful new year.
Thanks for reading,
Luna 🌹

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